Thứ Bảy, 12 tháng 5, 2012

Eclectic Style

Madisyn Ritland
Jalouse Magazine

Jessica Stam

At the moment I'm into mixing different styles together - whether it be florals with fur, classic with grunge, or vintage with new. I love the word eclectic - it means to select or choose from various sources. I like to wear clothes that mean something to me. When you look in the mirror it feels great to remember a vintage shopping trip with a close friend, a holiday with family, or the person who bought a particular item for me. Mix these all together and your bound to feel happy and confident in your outfit. These shoots are filled with fabulous eclectic looks. I love the floral pieces, hats, feathers, lace and the Louis Vuitton suitcases (they will be forever stylish) for the Jalouse shoot. As for the shoot with Jessica Stam, that is absolute eclectic perfection. Such an adorable lingerie ensemble!

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